our process

step one

We will start our process by meeting with you and finding out what you're looking for. Your wedding stationery is an investment so we will discuss all of your design options and build the suite you're dreaming of. This meeting allows us to discuss all of the options while learning about your aesthetic, timeline and budget. After our initial consultation we will send a formal estimate based on the design direction we discussed.

step two

If the quote is accepted and you are happy with all of the items chosen, then a 50% deposit will be required and we'll be off!

step three

Your designer will create a design brief for you to review and approve. This will contain notes, photos and descriptions about your project and will be shared with our art department, who will create your custom artwork. Once your design brief is completed, taking 3-5 business days it will be shared with you for approval.

step four

Once your design brief is approved we will get started on creating a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece for you. This process will take 3-15 business days to complete, depending on the complexity of the artwork. It will then be sent to you for review and approval.

step five

This is where wording, colors, layout and artwork adjustment can be made. Three rounds of revisions are included during this part of the process. Once we have your final approval we will send everything to print.

step six

Once your project has been handed off to our printer, it will typically be a 5-10 business day turn around to receive your prints back. While we wait we will do your guest addressing if this is part of your prokect and if not, we will anxiously await your items together!

step seven

The day has finally come where your prints are ready and or we have finished assembling your suite! Once we're done, we will give you a call or shoot you an email for you to come and pick up your much anticipated custom wedding suite! After you're done jumping for joy we will make an appointment to create your day of items once we're closer to the finish line.