Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

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Bracelet becomes a necklace! Ta-Da!

Tap into the energies of the earth.  Semi precious gemstones adorn wrist & neckline. Effortlessly converts from bracelet to necklace.  Can be wrapped 4-5 times as a bracelet and 1-2 times as a necklace. 

- 34" length
- Materials: 4.5mm semi precious stone beads, plated brass, stretch cord
- Presented on cards that tell the meaning of each stone:

Tourmaline | Stone of healing. Brings strength, encouragement, and balance. Grounds spiritual energies, centers the wearer. Helps release stress and promotes happiness. 

African Turquoise | Stone of transformation. Brings change to the wearers life. Encourages growth and development. Channels positive energy and increases optimism. Helps in making clear decisions. 

Dalmation Jasper | Stone of joy. Immediately lifts mood. Awakens a sense of fun and joy. Has a fortifying, restorative and emotionally harmonizing effect. 

Morganite with Black Tourmaline | Stones of divine love & protection. Brings compassion & peace. Promotes a calming & relaxing energy. Strengthens relationships. Black tourmaline radiates cleansing vibes. 

Blue Sky Jasper | Stone of empowerment. Empowers the wearer. Strengthens confidence and centers the soul. Brings truth and wisdom. Balances the mind and promotes perseverance. 

Lava Stone | Stone of strength. Said to contain the powerful energies of the volcanoes that created the stones. Brings calming yet intense energy. Offers stability in times of change. Grounds the wearer to reality.

Amazonite | Stone of courage. Reflects boldness. Soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Enhances communication and harmonious interaction. Brings truth. Honor and integrity. 

Turquouse/Silver | Stone of the sky. Mood elevaor. Allows the soul to express itself. Encourages enthusiasm, peace, balance, truth, wisdom and forthrightness. Uncovers hidden artistic abilities.

Azurite | Stone of heaven. Expands awareness of the deeper understanding of life. Clears tension, stress and confusion. Promotes the free flow of energy. Assists with letting go of the past.

Rose Quartz/Silver | Stone of the heart. Brings love and laughter into the wearer's life. Calms and soothes the soul. Inspires the apprecitation of beauty in oneself and others.

Amethyst/Silver | Stone of protection. Stills the mind. Brings serenity and calmness. Has a centering effect. Assists in good decision making. Symolizes peace and unification.

Aqua Terra/Gold/Silver | Stone of peace. Brings love and compassion. Protects the wearer by absorbing negative energies. Relieves stress. Opens the heart and has a harmonizing effect.

Petrified Wood/Gold | Stone of renewal. Brings energy, growth and expansion. Symbolizes new beginnings and nourishment. Provides stability, patience and balance. Enables the establishment of deep roots.

Tourmaline Hematite/Gold | Stone of healing. Brings strength, encouragement, and balance. Grounds spiritual energies. Centers the wearer. Helps release stress and promotes happiness.

Lapis/Silver | Stone of truth. Creates clarity, enlightenment and peace. Shines light on the wearer's talents and gifts. Has a recharging effect.